newsletter Summer 2016
In this issue: Water level fluctuations and how to reduce erosion; Finding out about E. coli levels before swimming; How soil health and plant cover on gardens and fields can benefit water quality in Lake Huron; Phragmites control by Chippewas of Kettl
  newsletter 2015 Summer Newsletter
Plastic pollution in Lake Huron, evaluating agricultural best management practices, preserving soil health in the Garvey-Glenn watershed, WeatherCheck! board game and more....
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Our latest newsletter is now posted - featuring progress on the Rural Stormwater project, priority watershed updates and much more.
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Our latest newsletter is now posted! Project highlights for all five priority watersheds
  newsletter Summer 2012
An update on the priority watershed projects, developing a Rural Stormwater Management Model, Lake Huron’s unique algae problem, E-coli and beaches, community projects, and being Septic Smart.
  newsletter Summer 2011
A look at our five priority watersheds, agriculture and First Nations water protection.
  newsletter Summer 2010
Southeast Shore Communities Team Up to Improve Water Quality and Conserve Biodiversity
  newsletter Summer 2008
The ribbon of shoreline along Lake Huron provides one of the longest continuous stretches of beachfront in the Great Lakes and has enjoyed a long history of recreational use and cottaging.
Bayfield North Project Map
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Lambton Shores Project Map
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Main Bayfield Project Map
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North Shore (Garvey/Glenn Drain)
pd   (1 mb)  
Pine River Watershed Projects Map
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Project Plan
Soil and Water Environmental Plan
Garvey Glenn Shoreline Watershed Project – Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Plan SWEEP)
pd   (9 mb)  
Main Bayfield Project Plan
Management Plan for the Main Bayfield River Watershed Draft 2012
pd   (3.3 mb)  
North Bayfield
pd   (1.9 mb)  
PRWIN Integrated Watershed Management Plan
pd   (25 mb)  
Tributaries Management Plan
Lambton Shores Tributaries Management Plan - June 2012
pd   (1 mb)  
Technical Reports
Analysis of Ecoli Isolates in Lake Huron
pd   (6.31 mb)  
Benthic Algae Report
Occurrence of nuisance Benthic Algae on the Southeastern shores of Lake Huron 2003
pd   (23 mb)  
BMP Monitoring
pd   (2.1 mb)  
Economic Impact of Beaches
Determining the Economic Impact of Beaches: Lake Huron Shoreline from Sarnia to Tobermory
pd   (156 kb)  
Modeling of Water Quality
Modeling of water quality impacts from the Maitland River within the Lake Huron nearshore in the vicinity of Goderich in 2003
pd   (38.2 mb)  
Nearshore Water Quality Report
A Preliminary Report on Historical Nearshore Water Quality Information for Southeastern Lake Huron
pd   (650 kb)  
Pine River Water Quality Monitoring July 2008
pd   (415 kb)  
Sources of Pollution to Lake Huron
Sources and Mechanisms of Delivery of E.coli (bacteria) Pollution to the Lake Huron Shoreline of Huron County
pd   (8.42 mb)  
Synthesis Report
Water Quality on the Shores of Lake Huron
Technical Memorandum, Water Quality on the Shores of Lake Huron Adjacent to the Saugeen, Maitland, and Bayfield River Mouths
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Fact Sheets
Agriculture Stewardship
Canada-Ontario Environmental Farm Plan
Algal Bloom - Ausable Bayfield Conservation.
When algae become very abundant and form floating clumps, they are called algal blooms.
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Blue-Green Algae
Information for cottagers and home owners
pd   (75 kb)  
Blue-green algae and Drinking Water
Information for drinking water system owners and operators
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General Water Protection/Stewardship
Huron County Water Protection Initiatives
Information about blue-green algae
Background, potential impacts to human health and safety of drinking water.
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Septic Systems - Grey Bruce Counties
Information on septic systems
Septic Systems - Huron Kinloss
Brochure on septic systems
What are Algae?
In freshwater lakes, algae are tiny aquatic plants containing chlorophyll and are usually green in colour.
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Terms of Reference
Lake Huron Southeast Shore Executive Steering Committee
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Lake Huron Southeast Shore Working Group
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Lake Huron Southeast Shores Communications Committee
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