Healthy Communities from the Land to the Lake

Certified Crop Advisor Ross Wilson, of Ausable Bayfield Conservation, provides a June 2020 update on use of #covercrops after corn and #60inchcorn in this trial south of Clinton, Ontario.

Healthy Communities from the Land to the Lake

Healthy Lake Huron - Clean Water, Clean Beaches is a concerted effort to address nuisance algae concerns and to promote safe and clean beaches and shorelines from Sarnia to Tobermory.

Six key watersheds have been identified as priorities for immediate action.  This group is now working together with local partners to develop and support the implementation of watershed management plans, with specific targeted actions, as well as monitoring and research, for each priority area.

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Local mentors share cover crop knowledge

A photo of Ontario Soil Network and Maitland Conservation logos for Cover Crop Network 2023 Pilot Program.


Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) and the Ontario Soil Network (OSN) are partnering to pilot a project that will enable agricultural producers to learn directly from other local, innovative producers.
A scenic photo of Bayfield.


Second decade for Healthy Lake Huron

Healthy Lake Huron entered its second decade of work, under the HLH umbrella, in 2022. Protecting Lake Huron is as important as ever.
Integrated watershed management needs to consider environment, economy, and society.


Protecting Great Lakes watersheds

A number of recent reports in national media, local media, and agricultural media underline the need for actions, on a watershed basis, that preserve topsoil, build soil health and protect water quality.